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What Courses do I Need to Coach?
There are over 850 NCCP workshops available at every level of sport - from 3-hour online introductory workshops, to weekend workshops for intermediate coaches, to intensive yearly training programs for advanced coaches. Find out what NCCP training your sport requires by clicking on the button below.

Sask Sport Inc. announces the 2015 Saskatchewan Sport Award Recipients
Sask Sport Inc. is very honoured and pleased to announce the outstanding recipients of 2015 Saskatchewan Sport Awards!

Click HERE to see the 2015 Saskatchewan Sport Awards recipients.

Women in Coaching Canada Games Apprenticeship Program
This program provides the opportunity for each province and territory to send 2 female coaches to the Canada Games in apprenticeship roles.

The purpose of the Canada Games Apprenticeship Program is to provide women coaches with a practical and integrated major national multi-sport games experience. Selected coaches have direct involvement in preparation and competition and receive support from an identified mentor coach throughout the duration of the program.

  • Women in Coaching Program Guidelines
  • Public Interest Form

    Aboriginal Apprentice Coach Program (AACP)
    The AACP is a partnership between the Aboriginal Sport Circle (ASC), the Provincial/Territorial Aboriginal Sport Bodies (PTASBs), the Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representatives (PTCRs), the Canada Games Council (CGC), and the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC). The program provides the opportunity for each province and territory to send 2 coaches of aboriginal ancestry to the Canada Games in apprenticeship roles.

  • Aboriginal Apprentice Coach Program (AACP) Program Guidelines
  • Public Interest Form

    Saskatchewan Games Aboriginal Apprentice Program
    We are pleased to announce the continuation of the Aboriginal Apprentice Coach Program for the 2016 Saskatchewan Summer Games in Estevan. The Coaches Association of Saskatchewan (through the Aboriginal Coaches and Officials Program) and the Saskatchewan Games Council have once again partnered to offer this program. The purpose of the Saskatchewan Games Aboriginal Apprentice Program is to provide qualified Aboriginal coaches with the opportunity to experience a Provincial Multi-sport Games that will advance their coaching abilities and experience to prepare them for future coaching opportunities.

  • Saskatchewan Games Aboriginal Apprentice Program Guidelines
  • Expression of Interest Form

    NCCP Competition - Development 2016 Spring Schedules
    Registration is now open for the 2016 Winter/Spring NCCP Competition - Development Multi-sport modules.
    Click HERE for the 2016 Winter/Spring Schedule.

    The Coaches Association of Saskatchewan will be hosting Core Training for Coach Developers on March 11 to 13, 2016 in Saskatoon. These events will provide Master Learning Facilitators, Learning Facilitators, Master Evaluators, and Coach Evaluators an opportunity to complete their Core Training requirements.

    For more information or to register for the March 11 to 13 workshops in Saskatoon, click HERE.

    SASM Concussion Education Handout
    The Saskatchewan Academy of Sports Medicine (SASM) is comprised of physicians in Saskatchewan with an expertise or interest in sport medicine. SASM's mission is to be a leader in advancing the art and science of sport medicine, including health promotion and disease prevention for the benefit of all active individuals in Saskatchewan. Provincially, SASM is affiliated with the Saskatchewan Medical Association, is an affiliate member of Sask Sport Inc., and is an active voting member of the Sport Medicine and Science Council of Saskatchewan (SMSCS). For more information on this handout, please contact an SMSCS consultant.

    SASM Concussion Education Handout

    CAAWS Women and Leadership Workshops
    Sask Sport Inc., in partnership with the Canadian Association of the Advancement of Women in Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS), is offering CAAWS Women and Leadership Workshops. Three 3-hour workshops are available, designed to be delivered to a female only audience.

    Target Audience: These workshops are available for those interested in hosting workshops for female-only audiences, addressing women working or volunteering in Canada's sport and physical activity sector (administrators, coaches, officials, board members, volunteers etc.). These workshops are appropriate for hosting at events such as AGM's, coach development clinics, sport conferences, volunteer development etc.

    For a list of scheduled workshops go to www.sasksport.sk.ca/WISPAR

    NCCP Fundamental Movement Skills

    The NCCP Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) workshop is designed to teach leaders of youth how to analyze and improve a child’s movement pattern along a development continuum. The workshop has been tailored for delivery in three distinct settings:

    • Coach Professional Development – a 3-hour PD workshop for coaches
    • Community Leader – a 8-hour workshop for leaders of youth in physical activity
    • High School Leadership – for senior students facilitated by a PE teacher in a PE class setting.

    If you are interested in hosting a FMS workshop contact the CAS office for further details. Click HERE for more information.


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