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Thank you to everyone who participated in and supported Coaches Week! Your efforts in joining the Coaches Association of Saskatchewan in saying #ThanksCoach and celebrating Saskatchewan coaches is appreciated. Visit the Coaches Association of Saskatchewan Facebook and Twitter pages to review the many #ThanksCoach posts, or watch coaching messages from Doug Hillis, Jason Johnston, Derek Rope, Dr. Ralph Schoenfeld, Tina Chernoff and Colette Bourgonje below!

Coaches Week Messages

  • Tina Chernoff
         Tina Chernoff shares some messages from her athletes.

  • Dr. Ralph Schoenfeld
         Dr. Ralph Schoenfeld knows how coaches help kids.

  • Jason Johnston
         Jason Johnston knows the importance of volunteer coaches.

  • Derek Rope
         Dedication and determination are life lessons you learn in sport.

  • Colette Bourgonje
         Listen to what she has to say about becoming a coach.

  • Doug Hillis
         Coaching impact athletes on many levels.

    The Coaches Association of Saskatchewan Chairperson, Doug Hillis, explains in the September 21, 2017 Coaches Week media release that a coach's impact is not limited just to sport: "Coaches are everyday role models that can make a lasting difference on someone's life. With approximately 26,000 trained coaches in Saskatchewan instructing over 300,000 participants, that translates into a lot of learning and growth. Coaches help shape how people view sport, physical activity and themselves. They teach participants about respect, trust, communication, dedication, teamwork and more...Consider a coaching role today!"

    September 23-30, 2017 was officially proclaimed Coaches Week in Saskatchewan by The Honourable Gene Makowsky, Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport. Minister Makowsky also recognized the importance of coaches and his own personal reflections of influential coaches, Tom Sergeant and Ken Miller, on the 980 CJME September 26 Morning Show.

    Let's remember to say #ThanksCoach all year long!

    Use social media to say thanks.

    • Use the hashtags #ThanksCoach.
    • Send one of your coaches a quick personalized 'thank you' message.
    • Post a video of you thanking your coach, and then challenge other teammates to follow suit!
    • Post your favourite photo of you and your coach, including a 'thank you' caption.

    Host an event to recognize and celebrate your coach.

    • Organize a special practice where you say #ThanksCoach.
    • Host a National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) workshop.
    • Have a special awards ceremony to say 'thanks' to all of the coaches from your club.

    Be creative!

    • Hand make a card, and list all of the ways that your coach has helped you.
    • Make a poster with your team and hang it in your community.
    • Send your coach an email and detail how they have been a valuable coach to you.

    Coaches are a valuable contributor to communities, and it is important to recognize them for the valuable time they devote to ensuring Canadians live an active, healthy lifestyle.


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